Workshops 6 Dec 2018

09.00 - 12.00 1st Session Workshop - Fundamental of Blockchain for Business by NAKKA Singapore

Workshop Outcome

By the end of the workshop session, you should be able to understand what blockchain is and understand how blokchain technology came about. You will also be able to identify the different components of a blockchain and find out how consensus works on the blockchain.

Nakka Profile:

This workshop brought to you by Nakka, Singapore. Venture and community builder that focuses on helping businesses adopt blockchain solutions. In addition to having graduated from the University of Oxford and Saïd Business School: Oxford Blockchain Strategy
Programme, they have also worked on different blockchain projects at many different stages of execution: Ranging from consultation to development to ICOs.

Trainer Profile :

Aaron is a passionate blockchain entrepreneur and the co-founder of Nakka Singapore, a venture and community building company that focuses on emerging tech and blockchain solutions. Being a consultant and core team for several ICOs has enabled Aaron to acquire a wide range of business development and sales experience in the blockchain industry. As a Bitcoin OTC (Over the counter) broker, Aaron also has valuable experience in brokering million and billion dollar OTC deals in countries like Hong Kong and Singapore. Prior to blockchain, Aaron has worked in tech and marketing startups, SMEs, as well as Government-linked organizations in Singapore. Aaron brings to BCTN a fresh, entrepreneurial, ground-up perspective that highly reflects the new generation of millennial blockchain entrepreneurs.

This Workshop Most Suitable for: CEO, BizDev, Government Agency

Workshop Facility: Lunch, E-Material Access, Coffee Break, E-Certificate

13.00 - 16.00 2nd Session Workshop - Fundamental of Blockchain Technical Workshop by NEM Malaysia

Workshop Outcome

By the end of the workshop session, you should be able to understand  the fundamental aspect of developing your first chain using NEM Blockchain APIs

NEM Profile:

The NEM Foundation is endorsed by an international network, compiled of a wealth of experience in IT, entrepreneurship, business processes, trading, property and asset development, international management and academia. The business’ ethos is to provide NEM’s blockchain technology platform to enhance enterprise whilst being run by the people, for the people. NEM’s team provides this through an array of support and education, from training events and service providers to technical support for the ecosystem

Trainer Profile :

Wong Shin Tat (Shin Tat) is a Solution Architect & Technical Trainer of NEM Malaysia. He already conducted trainings for Developers all around the world, including Argentina, Australia, China, Colombia, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam. and Colombia. He also has successfully guided various projects from different industries to understand and implement blockchain.

This Workshop Most Suitable for: CTO, Developers, Programmers

Requirement to Follow Workshop: Experience in Java, C# or JS
Bring your own Laptop and backup Connection (Mifi/Tethering)

Workshop Facility: Lunch, E-Material Access, Coffee Break, E-Certificate