The whole concept of Blockchain relies on the power to decentralized power from middle-man into community based approach. This fundamental thing made us believe in the power of community to help make this event successfull. If you are part of the community listed below please contact your community manager to find out about special privillage that you can get related to this event.


With a projected audience of over 1000 attendees, and more than 15 speakers from 6 countries, BCTN 1.0 AKAR will be the industry event of the year. Hundreds of communities will be here to access new knowledge and get new friends on the event. Help us promote BCTN 1.0 to your community member and get these special privileges for your community:

1. Increase your Community Brand’s Awareness in front of related industry player in APAC.

2. Get special ticket price for your community members that can become a benefit to your member.

3. Get Community Ticket Pass for your Community Representative to be here and enjoy your time with other communities leaders that also supporting this event.

More information, you can download our official Community Partners Proposal by using the download button below or straight ahead fill the form to become our Official Community Partners.